More praise for the DERBYSHIRE SUITE Recordings & Performance

“Just listened to the recordings and they are brilliant. Although great to watch you live, the recordings are really engaging in their own right. I agree with the commentators you deserve a bigger platform, this is interesting & beautifully crafted music!” Sue Walker


“Sounds great.. excellent compositions, recording and performances… very nice vibe.. congratulations !” Jim Coleman (a New York trumpet player and devoted jazzer)


“Wonderful exciting music, I would not have believed that music so vibrant, and of such quality would be produced by 8 musicians in Winster village hall. Jazz themes but with folk hints lurking in the background. The music caught the mood and experiences of Derbyshire, from the mines to the morris men.

Having run The Strand, a jazz cafe for 22 years, I have heard a great many musicians, and The Jazz Collective definitely deserves a much bigger stage.If only a BBC producer had been present!! Keep up the good work.”


“Awesome thank you for letting me see that, I loved it”

“Lucas was spellbound last night – and me too! What a fantastic sound you made and so fun too see all the percussion instruments
I thought the pieces were all so unique it was very interesting so hear the contrasts – Allan and Lucas loved the Morris dance!!”

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