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JET Collective expands ‘JetStream’ suite – live at Winster Church

The JET Collective have expanded the new suite of music ‘JetStream’ and are going to perform the full suite this Sunday, July 28th 2013 in the wonderful space of Winster’s Church. The acoustics and atmosphere are beautiful and the initial rendition of this music got rapturous approval.
CONCERT IN WINSTER CHURCH BY JET COLLECTIVE – This Sunday July 28th at 7.30 pm for about an hour and a half.
 Jet stream 1
JET Collective performs the exciting new piece – ‘JetStream’ – in the Church of St John the Baptist, Elton Road, Winster, DE4 2DQ, on Sunday 28th July 2013, at 7.30 pm. 
JET Collective includes Winster’s Steve Salfield on saxophones, and his excellent musician friends: Reg Clegg guitars and bass and voice, Paul Biggins keyboard, guitar and bass, Karen Clegg voice, keyboard, flutes, Simon Beckett percussion, Clive Loveday drums.
The group of professional jazz musicians will get together for the weekend of July 27th and 28th to enhance and enlarge ‘JetStream’, a new piece of music inspired by the weather and climate change. They first developed and performed the suite over a weekend in May 2013 – they will complete and perform the full suite on the Sunday evening, July 28th.
Reviews of ‘JetStream’ :  Geoff Dalton of Winster (not an easy man to please): “This music by the JET Collective deserves to be played in major concert halls anywhere in the world. The composition and performance was world class and deserves to be widely heard.”
Judy Hinsliff of Winster; “Once again, I’ve been unable to come and hear you.  But I did hear a rave review from someone, a relative newcomer to the village, who came on Sunday evening.  Given that she thought she didn’t really like jazz or the idea of extemporization, she was ‘blown away.’”
‘JetStream’ follows JET Collective’s successful ‘Derbyshire Suite’ which was created in the same way in 2011 and performed to great acclaim during 2011 and 2012 and released on CD. Listen to the ‘Derbyshire Suite’ at
The acoustics and atmosphere of Winster Church provide a stunning venue for this concert and with titles such as ‘The Anthropogenic effect’, ‘Sofa to the air’, ‘Carbon love affair’, ‘Troppo’, ‘Seven Seasons’, Enough is enough’ and ‘Wind shakes the house’, it promises to be a diverse and captivating event.
Tickets £6/£3 for children from Carolyn at Winster Post Office, or 01629 650183, or on the door. (Please bring your own refreshments)
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