‘JetStream’ CD Launch Preview, Sun 7th December, 7.30pm, The Green Man Gallery, Buxton

‘JetStream Album Launch’Jet stream 1
To mark the release of our new album called ‘JetStream’, JET Collective will be having a celebratory gig at The Green Man Gallery, in Buxton on Sunday December 7th, 2014 at 7.30pm, with doors opening at 7pm.
The album was inspired by the theme of weather and climate and has some startlingly original tunes like ‘Carbon Love Affair’, ‘Isobars’, ‘Troppo’, ‘Glaciology’, ‘Solar Storm’ and more, which we will perform.
Please come and see and hear the ‘JetStream’ without having to go to the stratosphere!
You will hear some great musicians – Reg Clegg on guitars and bass and his unique falsetto singing, Karen Clegg on flute, keyboards, melodica and her wonderful singing, acclaimed author Simon Beckett on congas and various percussion instruments, Clive Loveday’s brilliant drumming, Paul Biggins on keyboard, guitar and bass guitar, and last but not least Steve Salfield on tenor, alto and soprano saxes.
You could even buy the CD if you want to!
Tickets: £8. Booking essential. At the gallery in person or email hello@thegreenmangallery.com; phone 01298 937375. 
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