‘Heat’ is the first music video from the new JET Collective double album ‘JetStream’

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‘Heat’ began life as an idea in 2004, and was then redeveloped for this project. The music takes influence from African and equatorial music and rhythms, with the strident marimbas, the guitar and higher bass parts imitating mosquitos, creating an intense rhythmic feel punctuated by short pauses.

‘JetStream’ is the new double album from the JET Collective, due to be released in December 2014 on JETWorks Records. The suite of material draws inspiration from the weather and climate in its broadest sense, with material based on the science of weather, solar radiation, poetry, seasonal conditions, climate exploration and the way we feel about the weather.

Thanks to Ian Dearman for shooting and editing the video.
Thanks to the Old Library Studios in Mansfield – we recorded the album there during this year, and shot the video in the theatre space in August.

Written by Paul Biggins.

Simon Beckett – Percussion, Bongos
Paul Biggins – Spanish Guitar, High Keys Marimbas
Karen Clegg – Med & Low Keys Marimbas, Synth Strings
Reg Clegg – Electric Bass
Clive Loveday – Drums
Steve Salfield – Tenor Sax


Members of the JET Collective talk about the making of the new double album ‘JetStream’ and about the video for ‘Heat’.
Hear about the inspiration behind the new suite of climate influenced music.

Making of










The album will be released Nov/Dec 2014 and features :

Simon Beckett – Percussion
Paul Biggins – Bass, Piano, Spanish Guitar, Mandolin, Drum Loops
Karen Clegg – Vocals, Piano, Synth, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Flute, Drum Loops
Reg Clegg – Upright Bass, Electric & Nylon Guitars, Guitar Synth, Vocals, Rhythm Loops, Space Interference
Clive Loveday – Drums, Cymbals


Steve Salfield – Alto, Tenor & Soprano Saxes

The interviews were filmed at the Old Library Studios in Mansfield, by Ian Dearman.

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