Reg Clegg : electric, acoustic & nylon guitars, electric and double bass, vocals, electronic rhythms, percussion, production

Reg is one third of the core creative trio of jazz-fusion group ZOO. ZOO were formed in 2000. The current five-piece line-up (since 2008) features Reg, Karen Clegg, Paul Biggins, John Sanderson and Ian Beestin. ZOO have released four critically acclaimed albums on Kent-based label Red Admiral Records, the most recent ‘MIllions’ (2013) and ‘Psychodrama’ (2010) featuring special guest trumpeter Guy Barker on 8 of the 12 tracks.

ZOO’s new album ‘MILLIONS’ sees them build on the success of ‘PSYCHODRAMA’ with 12 upbeat original tracks melding jazz, prog & funk together to create their most ambitious effort yet, full of exciting grooves, sublime melodies and expansive ideas.

Tracks include the energetic opener ‘Day for night’, the minimalist influenced ‘City’, the samba ‘Memory Game, the three diverse movements of ‘Sweeter than Nocturnes’, the hard funk of ‘We don’t need to know’ and the swinging ‘Everything & nothing’, first premiered at Matt & Phred’s in Manchester in 2011.

‘MILLIONS’ was launched to a fantastic reaction at Matt & Phred’s in February 2013.

Millions Card 1&2 v3

Reg handles all the recording and production for ZOO. ZOO also collaborated with Nick Smart in 2009 on the  EMJAZZ ‘Rhythm-a-ning’ project.

ZOO won the Best Jazz Artist Award at the 2007 UK New Music Awards in London. ZOO have played numerous festivals and many UK Jazz clubs and venus, most recently Matt & Phred’s in Manchester.

Reg has been writing and performing from an early age and has played in numerous bands. His influences include Sting, Ben Folds, Steely Dan, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, Al Di Meola, Jan Garbarek, Portico Quartet, Dave Brubeck, Kate Bush, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Dire Straits, Jamie Cullum, Marc Bolan/T-Rex, Elvis, George Michael, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Pet Shop Boys

Reg is passionate about creating new music with the JET Collective concept, and recording and performing it to new audiences, and has been an active force behind the JET Collective from day one, organising and promoting events, developing promotional and design aspects, and networking with other UK Collectives at their conference in 2010.


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