‘JetStream’ Album launch at the Green Man Gallery, Buxton, Sat 16th May , 2015

“The incredible Jet Collective at their CD launch gig at The Green Man Gallery in Buxton. A night of brilliant, original music: thoughtful, powerful, playful, richly-layered and skilfully performed. What a brilliant night!”

pics by Caroline Small

11036422_684095491719485_1848475066915667871_o 11063787_684095591719475_1802754450044535867_o 11112951_684096238386077_3082941867762155963_o-1 11141237_684095325052835_7123441505007361692_o 11143299_684095395052828_2416623528512894765_o 11233812_684095365052831_5075688210982957608_o

pics by Mavis Roper

11255851_684095255052842_1833370006632379470_oP1000852 P1000854 P1000863 P1000871 P1000876 P1000881 P1000889 P1000892 P1000900 P1000908 P1000915 P1000922crop P1000923 P1000927 P1000928 P1000935crop P1000940crop P1000942comp P1000949 P1000951 P1000953 P1000962 P1000969 P1000974 P1000977 P1000978 P1000984 P1000988 P1000993crop P1000995 P1000996 P1000999 P1010005 P1010011 P1010019

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